Parent Meeting

Kính Các Phụ Huynh

We are very excited for our upcoming school year.

This a friendly reminder that this Saturday we have a parent meeting at 1 pm at our parish (Giáo Xứ Các Thánh Tử Đạo), in preparation for our first day of school on 9/24.  The meeting will last about 1 hour, and after our meeting we will invite you to visit the classrooms to meet the volunteer teachers, catechists, and leaders.  There will be signs posted when you arrive, directing you to our meeting.

 We ask you make time to come to support our programs, support your children, and learn a little bit more about what to expect on our first day of school and the rest of the 2016-2017 school year.

 We will also be accepting late registrations and payments this Saturday between 10am-1pm, for those families who have not yet paid.

This parent meeting was mailed in your automatic registration in May, and also highlighted in your registration packet for all new students this summer.   We ask you make time to come and we look forward to having your help this year.

 In Christ,

Your volunteer leaders in Thieu Nhi Thanh The, Viet Ngu Dac Lo, & Giáo Lý